Fisher Games

Play fun fish shooting games on jilibay

Fish shooting games are a fun way to play and earn rewards. The key concept behind fish shooting games is simple: You shoot fish with cannons on different sides of the board. Players choose which fish to shoot, and decide between killing small fish or large fish for bigger rewards. Fish also enter the board frequently if you don’t keep track of whether they’re about to leave.

How To Play The Fish Game

Fish shooting games can be played by two to four players. Even though tanks and cannons are used in the game they are not necessary. The basic idea behind fish shooting games is relatively simple. A group of players (usually four players) shoot fish with cannons for rewards. The cannons are placed on different sides of the gameboard, and everyone shoots the same pool of fish. A key decision for players is to decide which fish to shoot. This is because the fish vary in terms of rarity, “health,” and speed – meaning it is much easier to kill a small fish for fewer rewards than a large fish for bigger rewards. Fish also float in and out of the board, so it is important to keep track of whether the fish has just entered the board or is about to slip out.

Common fish

These fish are the most frequent small schools of fish in the game, or lower scoring fish that are easy to knock down and from which players can easily score points.

Prop fish

These fish carry a lot of special props, if you want to get this special prop, then you must try to take it down.

Special Fish

The special fish species is the second most difficult of the boss fish, and the appearance of this fish species is different from the normal fish, it will be similar to the theme of the game.

The Boss Fish

appears differently in different scenes, and although it has a high score, it is not easy to defeat.

Some Tips to Win the Fisher Game

When playing fish shooting games, we often fail to hit the fish we want because they are blocked by the fish near us, so we must pay attention to the surrounding fish, small fish with a small cannon to hit, large fish and fish with a large cannon to hit, too far away do not go to hit, so as not to waste shells. If you are new to the game, it is recommended that you play the fish near you, and then the game will slowly increase the difficulty, there will be sharks and other more advanced fish, you can use the accumulated energy to fire the energy cannon to target the kind of very advanced and difficult to hit the species, but also relatively will not consume the number of shells.

Play fish games and Experience new challenges

Are you one of the many people who think that fish games are an exciting gambling option? Do you love feeling in control of your own destiny? Well, you may not believe it, but our jilibay fish shooting games mean that you can actually prove it!